About Us

Rays of Hope Inc. Cat Sanctuary is a licensed, registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned and homeless cats. Located in a rural area of Kentucky, the need for donor support is very high.

For several years we had been taking in unwanted cats and kittens that had been dumped off at our door. Due to the fact that there is very little help available in our area for these animals , and out of necessity,  Rays of Hope Inc. was formed in 2006.

Our cats are able to enjoy life on 12 acres of country land. ROH offers a unique concept to our shelter- cats are not kept in small cages. Instead, most have their own small individual rooms with all the comforts of a home.

During the day they can come and go as they please. In the evening they are locked in (for their own safety) , and in the morning they are again allowed to leave.

There also have special communal areas which have food/water bowls, houses, beds,  litter boxes and toys. All of our cats are spayed/neutered vaccinated and kept pest free.

They are all offered a good diet of quality dry food as well as canned food & treat. They even get turkey on Thanksgiving. We go to great lengths to give our cats the care and affection they deserve.

Unfortunately, many of the cats we care for are un-adoptable due to their age, health issues or social problems. This makes our need for public support even greater.

We allow them sanctuary for life.

Our Goal 

To find loving homes for adoptable cats and kittens.  Be able to give cats that can not be adopted the best care possible and to provide a safe, healthy & happy environment for them to grow old in.

” A small amount of your support will help support a small life.”

Rays of Hope Inc. is a 501(c)3 corporation  verified by:   missionfish


We are also a member of the BISSELL Pet Foundation